SYMBIOCHEM® is proprietary know-how and technology that Welichem developed and employs for the discovery of novel compounds from symbiotic organisms and it is a registered trademark of Welichem Biotech Inc. During the past several years, a large number of compounds have been identified, using SYMBIOCHEM®. Many of these compounds are new to science and have bioactivities that are of great interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

As a general process SYMBIOCHEM® utilizes several conventional microbiological and natural chemistry methods. These include isolation, characterization, and fermentation of bacteria, purification and characterization of compounds from the secondary metabolites. The bacterial isolation and fermentation processes include certain levels of expertise and/or know-how that is the core of SYMBIOCHEM®. The successful isolation and fermentation of the primary form bacteria requires experience. Special culture conditions and media composition are required in order to produce the particular metabolites of interest. Chemical purification and characterization demands in depth knowledge and experience of natural products chemistry and reliable bioassays are needed to guide the process. This process is not high throughput but rather a focused screening and the rate of novelty is exceptionally high.

This platform has been successfully utilized by the Company in the past and many novel bacteria metabolite compounds with strong biological activities including antibiotic, antimycotic, insecticidal, nematicidal, antiulcer, antineoplastic, anti-inflammation and antiviral. These metabolites belong to diverse chemical classes that include aromatic, heterocyclic compounds, nuc1eosides and macrolides. One of those compounds, WBI-1001, was discovered and developed as a novel anti-inflammatory agent. Clinical proof of concepts was reached as a novel topical therapy for skin inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis and aczema before it was acquired by GSK in 2012.